New Zealand, Day #6 - Nevis Swing, Roys Peak

Friday, February 23:
Big things happened this day. Tarun and Nisha did the Nevis Swing and we conquered Roys Peak.

We grabbed a quick breakfast from this lovely cafe. Coffee was hot and delicious and the croissant was soooooooooo yum. I still dream about it. 😍😍

Before the plunge!

They're so photogenic.. even moments before being swung down a 300m arc.

Quite the death grip

They survived to tell the tale.

We stopped for a photo shoot on the way to Roys Peak 😊

And so starts the climb to Roys Peak. It's located in Wanaka which is just over an hour drive from Queenstown. We ended up getting here quite late. There was a traffic jam due to construction that held us back about an hour. Nisha and I wanted to turn around after half an hour but Tarun was persistent that it would move soon. And it did... for about half a km until it halted again for 15 minutes.

We started at 3:25PM and it's noted to be a 5-6 hour hike on the NZ website. The first summit is 1,578m and there is another peak further up which is an additional 25-30 minute hike. I was already exhausted from the first part so I was fine with the view from there. The track is 16km and most of it is a 45 degree incline. The way up isn't bad but all I could think about was the walk down. I knew it was going to be hard.

This is about a quarter of the way up.

One of about a hundred breaks 😂

We made it!

The sheep were getting rowdy while we were hiking. Even at the beginning there was a sheep standing on a rock cheering me on. Or at least that was I like to think he was doing. This guy was having a great time but he was making me a bit worried lol.

Up next - last day in Queenstown and back to Auckland.


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