New Zealand, Day #7 - Back to Auckland & party night

Saturday, February 24, 2018:
Our last day in Queenstown started with breakfast at Joe's Garage.They had fun names for their menu items and the food was pretty good.

The doggo behind Nisha was enjoying breakfast as well and was getting pets from the people sitting at the table beside them.

There was a farmer's market so we took a walk through. These were all soaps! They were so beautiful. The woman who made these used to be a baker if you can't tell haha.

Sign at the Queenstown Airport.

Mountains from the plane, just leaving Queenstown.

I have thalassophobia (fear of bodies of water) so my coworker wanted a picture of me taking a picture of the ocean on the plane. We one'd up him by getting a picture of Tarun taking a picture of me taking a picture of the ocean. (yes I know it's a weird phobia, I can't explain it but I get this weird feeling when I see pictures of the ocean. But only in satellite view. )

The girls all dolled up 💓

What a good lookin' bunch!

We went to Everybody's for Bollywood Affair night. There was awesome music and I a lot of fun dancing. Minus the blisters from my stupid shoes haha!

Up next: Rotorua - rafting and the gondola.


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