New Zealand, Day #12 & 13 - Paihia & Parasailing

Thursday, March 1, 2018:
After having a delightful breakfast at the B&B (I'm working on finding the name of it) we made our way to Paihia where we were going to stay at a resort. We wanted to have a bit of luxury after staying in hostels while travelling in Southland.

We took some selfies before hopping in the car at the B&B. We tried doing a straight face again like the gondola picture but that's the perfect time for a giggle fit. It's like when you go for your license and they tell you not to smile. It's kind of hard not to!

We stopped at 90 Mile Beach again at a different part of it to see if it was any different. It wasn't... but it was just more cloudy and windy this day. Nisha's BMW also almost got stuck and we didn't even bring it onto the beach. We parked on the street leading up to the beach but it was already pretty sandy. Tarun and I had to push it out.

I don't know if McDonald's has this in Canada but you can order the pies with ice cream and it has a special tray for it! It even had a cover for the ice cream part.

Just making sure he can't run away on me 😋😄

There were some chickens and roosters wandering around at a waterfall we stopped at. My grandma loves chickens so I took these for her. I guess I also thought they were pretty.

Once we got to Paihia Tarun and Nisha wanted to go parasilaing. It was pretty windy again that day and the lady who went up before them came down within a few minutes. They ended up coming down after 7 minutes because they said it felt like it was swaying back and forth really bad. From the boat it didn't look like it but I can understand it feeling much worse at the end of a 1300ft rope.

We grabbed something to eat at Alongside on the pier. The food was alright and Tarun found more than one hair under his burger. Safe to say he did not eat that burger. The warm olives with the oil and bread was really enjoyable though.

#selfieSchick (I'm not sure what I dropped on my shirt but I'm sure it was delicious)

This is my natural picture pose. I think it turned out really nice.

Hitting up the hot tub at the resort!

Friday, March 2, 2018:

This was the view from our room. We were on the ground floor and the patio doors opened onto the yard and the ocean.

Checkout was 10AM so we didn't get to sleep in much again but 9 isn't too bad. Better than 6AM like Southland lol. We grabbed lunch at Alfresco's which is down the strip from the resort. It was pretty pricey... just my omelet was $17. The omelet was nice but it was that much and didn't come with toast or hashbrowns which was pretty disappointing.


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