New Zealand, Day #9 & 10 - Takapuna Beach, Omaha Beach, Matakana

Monday, February 26, 2018:
We had a really nice morning at home this day. We made breakfast, did laundry, watched a movie, and uploaded pictures from everyone's devices. After our chill time we got ready for the beach but had some shopping to do before we went. We needed a chiller (cooler), drinks and snacks to put in the chiller, some sunscreen, and an umbrella or something for shade. We went to Countdown in downtown Auckland but they didn't have beach stuff so we stopped at a Warehouse closer to the beach. We ended up getting a pop up shade thing but didn't use it this day because it was about 3:30PM by the time we got to the beach and clouds were blocking the sun off and on.

It was end of their summer when we went so it wasn't super hot. With the sun this was a nice temperature but I do like HOT HOT weather. This 0% beer was actually pretty good but had to be ice cold. The boys went to five stores looking for it for me. 💜😊

We stayed at the beach until we hoped rush hour was almost done. We made a stop on the way home for some groceries as Nisha was making dinner that night. Tarun's friend from school lives in Auckland with his girlfriend so we had them over for dinner. They were super sweet people, I hope to see them again soon.


Tuesday, February 27, 2018:
Tuesday we had another nice chill morning but got moving a bit earlier lol. The previous day was a bit too late for the beach and I needed more sunshine!

We headed out with Nisha's friend to Omaha Beach in Matakana, which is just over an hour north of Auckland. This beach was so quiet and the sand was perfect. We couldn't have asked for a better beach day.


A napkin from a cafe we stopped at lol.

I LOVE the beach, it seriously is my happy place.


Waiting for a good wave.

We were at the beach for a few hours and had to get back for dinner plans. We stopped in the town of Matakana but basically everything closed at 5PM. Welcome to small town New Zealand haha.

After getting back to Aman and Nisha's we washed up and got ready to go to their friend's place for her birthday. Her friend's boyfriend and his mom made some delicious Indian food for dinner and everyone was so welcoming and a lot of fun. I love being around funny people, makes for such a good time!

It wasn't a late night since everyone but us had to work the next day lol. The perks of being on vacation! 😁 I blogged for a bit at home before calling it a night. We were up early the next morning to head to Kaitaia and Cape Reinga.


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