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New Zealand, Day #14 - Our Last Day and Tips for Hiking in New Zealand

Saturday, March 3, 2018: Sad day :( I always have mixed feelings when it's time to go home. I'm a homebody but I love travelling to see new places. I'm sad about leaving the warm weather for the snow storm that is normally happening when it's time for me to return. I'm happy about seeing my kitties and sleeping in my own bed. I'm sad about leaving the people I'm there to see or who I've been travelling with. I'm happy to be back in the comfort of my own home. So many mixed feelings.

Our flight wasn't until 8PM so we had some time to go shopping on Queen St. For a small city they have awesome shops on their downtown strip and it feels like shopping in a much larger city. I ended up only buying a tank from Cotton On and a few souvenirs from the souvenir shops. Nisha got some sweet Oakleys to become part of the shiny blue sunglass crew.

Bar in the Auckland airport - I thought it looked pretty cool.
The excruciatingly long flight back to Vancouver.…

New Zealand, Day #12 & 13 - Paihia & Parasailing

Thursday, March 1, 2018: After having a delightful breakfast at the B&B (I'm working on finding the name of it) we made our way to Paihia where we were going to stay at a resort. We wanted to have a bit of luxury after staying in hostels while travelling in Southland.
We took some selfies before hopping in the car at the B&B. We tried doing a straight face again like the gondola picture but that's the perfect time for a giggle fit. It's like when you go for your license and they tell you not to smile. It's kind of hard not to!

We stopped at 90 Mile Beach again at a different part of it to see if it was any different. It wasn't... but it was just more cloudy and windy this day. Nisha's BMW also almost got stuck and we didn't even bring it onto the beach. We parked on the street leading up to the beach but it was already pretty sandy. Tarun and I had to push it out.

I don't know if McDonald's has this in Canada but you can order the pies with…

New Zealand, Day #11 - Kaitaia, 90 Mile Beach, and Cape Reinga

Wednesday, February 28, 2018: We got up early and started the drive to the northern part of North Island (or Northland). Kaitaia is a 4hr15min drive from Auckland but we take longer with all the stops for snacks and pictures. We were headed to a cute little B&B to stay for the night so once we checked in and got settled into the room, we grabbed a bite to eat at Mussel Rock Cafe and headed to 90 Mile Beach before going to Cape Reinga.
Tarun and Nisha figuring out where we were going to eat and what our plan was for the remainder of the day.
As the name indicates, this beach is long but it's actually 88 kilometers and stretches from Ahipara to Scott Point. It is located on the North-western coast of Northland. We saw more vehicles driving on the beach than people but it's not recommended to drive on it unless you have 4 wheel drive and/or you're positive your vehicle can get out. It's not uncommon for people to lose their vehicles on this beach when high tide comes…