New Zealand, Day #5 - Milford Sound & Queenstown

Thursday, February 22, 2018:
We got up early (again... I thought you were supposed to be able to sleep in on holidays?) to catch a cruise around Milford Sound. Although I have to say that the landscape is breathtaking in the early morning light.

We stopped for a photo shoot on the way because why not? (that's my sleepy face 😶)

d'aawwwww <3 I should figure out how to photo shop this picture haha

These kea parrots were walking up to cars as we were waiting to get through the tunnel. I looked them up later that day and apparently they're quite the terrors. They're known for tearing the rubber weatherstripping off vehicle windows, destroying things in general, and it was reported that one even stole a tourist's passport!

They're freakin' cute though. They have beautiful bright orange feathers under their wings.

Tunnels aren't fun if you are claustrophobic...

Took this pic on the walk to the dock.

The start of the cruise.
It was pretty chilly in the early morning, hence the toque. Though it did come off soon after.

The sun!!! It was so nice to see it after a few rainy, grey days.

The crew put trays of glasses on the hull of the boat and the skipper got it close enough to the waterfall to fill most of the glasses. The wind kept changing where it was blowing and it was quite impressive how well he could maneuver this large vehicle with such precision. We asked how many times he's hit the boat and he's done this over 150 times with zero bumps.

Drinking the fresh waterfall water.

Lunch was included in the $89 per person. We got quite a bit of food and this price included the 3 hour cruise and the stop at the underwater observatory.

I was really enjoying the sunshine haha.

They just had to stand outside when we got close to the second waterfall.

Seals!! I've decided my Rudy cat is part seal. He often looks like the seal pictured below.

The Tasman Sea where the boat turns around.

The underwater observatory. This place was pretty neat. It's not stationary - so it's just braced onto the rock and it moves with the waves and current. It's 10m underwater or 3 stories.

This guy looked like a grump.

"What are you looking at? Mind your own business."

Starfish on the wall.

By early afternoon the sun was so warm I actually had to take my sweater off.

Mirror Lakes - obviously we came at a bad time because there was nothing mirror-like about the water when we stopped.

Another beautiful sunset to end the day 😊


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