Mexico 2019, Day #1 - La Penita

March 2 & 3, Saturday and Sunday Well, I've been home for a week and I've had plenty of naps so I guess it's time to blog about my trip. For some reason I was absolutely exhausted after getting home from this trip. I don't think I was this tired after travelling from New Zealand and that was an even longer travel time lol. I missed out on this trip with the ladies last year because I was in New Zealand. Now, I know how amazing it was that I was in New Zealand but it was really hard not to feel like I was missing out because these ladies are THAT fun. They actually took a cardboard cut-out of me last year and showed me a good time. Here are the pictures from that. Calgary airport has doggos that you can pet and cuddle with. This was Clifford and he was the goodest good boy, 13/10. Mom and I booked our flight a few months after the other ladies so we ended up on a different flight with a layover in Calgary. The weekend before we left we wer

Mexico 2018 - Cardboard Kelsey

So last year I went to New Zealand so I wasn't able to go with the chicas to Mexico. I was joking around with my aunt about taking a cardboard cutout of me and she actually did! I  honestly thought that they would take a few pictures and I'd get left in the room but man they showed cardboard Kelsey a good time! Salvador made us a sign. Trying on Lorna's earrings. Jewelry shopping on the beach! Apparently Ricardo and I met last year lol. Anahi's! They left me in Salvador's care but he didn't know where it was when I went this year lol.

Mexico 2019, Day #7 - Heading home... or not

Saturday, March 9, 2019... and Sunday, March 10, 2019 I got up around 8:30 I think. I had already packed the night before but I hate rushing and I wanted to be able to enjoy the rooftop patio a bit for having to leave. Ricardo helped me arrange a taxi to the airport in Puerto Vallarta. Since we didn't do the all inclusive we had to manage our own transportation. My mom made me a quick breakfast which I ate on the roof with the other ladies and the cab driver picked me up at 10:45AM. He only spoke a few words of English but I've been learning Spanish and it was fun testing it out. We had a nice chat on the hour+ drive into PV. He showed me pictures of his family and told me about his dogs. He also showed me pictures of an excursion he did with my friend Salvador. I was standing in line to check my luggage and get my boarding pass but got told to come back later because they were only doing for Toronto. So I lugged my crap to the only restaurant do