Mexico 2019, Day #1 - La Penita

March 2 & 3, Saturday and Sunday Well, I've been home for a week and I've had plenty of naps so I guess it's time to blog about my trip. For some reason I was absolutely exhausted after getting home from this trip. I don't think I was this tired after travelling from New Zealand and that was an even longer travel time lol. I missed out on this trip with the ladies last year because I was in New Zealand. Now, I know how amazing it was that I was in New Zealand but it was really hard not to feel like I was missing out because these ladies are THAT fun. They actually took a cardboard cut-out of me last year and showed me a good time. Here are the pictures from that. Calgary airport has doggos that you can pet and cuddle with. This was Clifford and he was the goodest good boy, 13/10. Mom and I booked our flight a few months after the other ladies so we ended up on a different flight with a layover in Calgary. The weekend before we left we wer

Cuba 2015

(pictures are in reverse order because technology is fun!! I don't remember the different days because this trip was almost 6 years ago. So adding comments when I can remember lol) Went for dinner with a friend the last night I was there, who happened to be staying there at the same time. The sand flies were horrible The other girls left a night before me I cried when they left Hotel cat - everyone gave it food Cuban coffee <3 we counted Steph's bug bites first day adventures Ready for the beach!