New Zealand, Day #8 - Rotorua, rafting, gondola, and luge

Sunday, February 25, 2018:
We headed out to Rotorua in the morning to go rafting with Kaituna Cascades. The drive is approx 3 hours to Rotorua but there is quite a bit of scenery to keep you busy and pass the time.

They take pictures for you so you don't have to worry about it. I have a waterproof camera but you're too busy paddling to have time to snap pics. I think it was $40 I to purchase the online package for the pictures taken, which really isn't bad when you're splitting it with the group. They also took pretty nice pictures.

The first falls, 3m high.

The third falls which are 7m high. This is the highest commercially rafted falls in the world!

It doesn't look too high in the pictures because they had quite a bit of rain so the falls were splashing high at the bottom.

After rafting we drove into Rotorua for dinner and then went up the gondola. We also got luge tickets and I have to say I felt like a kid again. It was so fun! There were three tracks: scenic, intermediate, and advanced. I wish we had these here in Canada.

When you got to the bottom the ski lift took you back up. There were a few lost flip flops lol. I made sure to point my toes up so I didn't lose them.

The view from the ski lift.

The view from the gondola on the way down.

Most gondolas take a picture as you get in. We jokingly said to take a straight face picture so we wouldn't want to buy it but it ended up being pretty good so we bought it lol.

Up next: beach days!


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