Maui 2016, Day #1 - Naps, Hikes, Hospitals

My dad and uncle Dwayne picked me up from the airport around 11PM Friday evening, January 29, 2016.We got to the condo and I got to gives hugs and kisses to the family and hang out with them for a bit before calling it a night. I was really looking forward to sleeping in the next day.
However, the frogs or birds or whatever satan spawn was outside had other plans. Maui is also 4 hours behind so I woke up around 6 AM because it was 10 in Winnipeg and because it sounded like there was a sound machine outside our window with nature's noises. I can't even explain how loud it was but it woke us up every morning.

It was a nice relaxed morning, with coffee and breakfast with everyone. Dad and I enjoyed a cup of coffee just the two of us on our balcony while every one was waking up and getting ready for breakfast. Dad and I planned for a beach day while the others we going to the hospital to see my uncle. (more on that later)
Some of these photos are out of order and I apologize but …